In October 2014, at the age of 66, I joined Wanda's Weight Room Plus. I had made a list of local gyms and planned to visit all before choosing one to join. Wanda's was my second stop on the list. After a chat with Wanda and Carmen I started my trial membership.
I was impressed with the staff, the cleanliness of the gym, and the services offered. In November, I chose Paul as a trainer and continued working with him twice a week.  Having a trainer keeps me focused and motivated to keep coming. The senior rate is very reasonable and I am surprised to admit that coming can sometimes be fun!
I worked as a RN for 42 years and also as a CASAC, an addictions counselor. Despite my knowledge I overate most of my adult life and have never ever enjoyed sports or exercise.
I have lost 77 pounds, some of this weight before I joined the gym. This is the first gym I have stayed with and the first I have enjoyed. I have joined three other gyms in the past and either never attended or quit after a few sessions as I lacked motivation. I attend Silver Sneakers once a week, work with Paul twice a week and on my own three times a week. I am sorry it took me so long to get moving but I am 67 and still here. My husband joined in November and has lost 48lbs so far! Member of the month August 2015.

Kathy Evagues
Manorville, NY


What I can tell you is that working with Trainer Josh O'Brien has literally changed my life.  I suffered from excruciating back pain. My pain management doctor suggested that I exercise to strengthen my core. 

I joined WRP but felt anxious about working out on my own again. I decided to get a trainer. I read about Joshua’s credentials and decided to sign up for personal training sessions with him.  I have been working with Josh for over two years now. He is the consummate professional. He ensures that my form for various exercises is proper and safe. He is generous with his time and knowledge. (I often text him with questions and/or concerns, and he always replies graciously!)

I cannot say enough about what working with Josh has done for me. I have lost weight, lost body fat, and gained muscle mass. I have learned how to keep my back safe. I haven’t had a problem with  my back at all. I even ran a half-marathon last May!

Pat DeVitto
​East Moriches, NY

During my 2013 annual physical, my physician explained to me that I was both hypertensive and had hyperlipidemia.  So I went to the Weight Room Plus and decided to lose a few pounds.  At first I felt uncomfortable and only took baby steps.  My friend and I decided to take a Zumba Class to make working out fun.  The instructor, Jeanine, was and is amazing. She encouraged me to try her cycle class.  I was at the gym twice a week and on my way.  Within a couple of weeks I had lost 10lbs.  The assistant manager, Grace, was quick to notice, as were other staff members.  Grace was so kind and encouraged me by taking the time to show me how to use each of the machines to exercise.  Beginning a routine is intimidating, but Grace made me feel confident.  She pushed and encouraged; she asked questions about my workouts; she was caring.  Day by day, week by week, month by month, I became a regular at the gym and the Weight Room Plus became my solice; it became the best part of my day; it allowed me to decompress from my busy work schedule.  At my 2014 phyiscal my blood pressure was lower and I was no longer had hyperlipidemia.  I stepped up my game and now I have lost 60lbs and 6 inches off the waist.  I have normal blood pressure and my cholesterol is better than good.  Thank you to the Weight Room Plus for putting me on the right path and, perhaps, saving my life.  More importantly I have gained the confidence that I lacked when I first entered the doors of this phenomenal gym.  
Matthew Tornetta

​Moriches, NY


I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what an inspiration Jeanine has been to my weight loss success and confidence level.  She is an extraordinary trainer and woman that puts her “All” into her Zumba classes.I have lost 57 lbs. since January and it is truly because of her motivation and inspiration.  Jeanine makes her students feel like they are important and able to conquer any obstacle they are going through.  My confidence level has soared to great heights because of Jeanine!
Thank you for having such wonderful people on staff and every week I truly look forward to going to Zumba and Spin at WRP!
Jennifer Ronca
Ridge, NY

I have been working toward my goal of losing weight and toning my body. I have been taking Group Fitness classes, working one-on-one with Jeanine on the Aero Pilates Reformer machine and training one-on-one with Kym.   I was never truly happy with my body but now I finally feel fit and confident in my own skin.  I originally started working out to get healthy.  I never knew I would end up looking and feeling this good.  I thank everyone (at the WRP) for helping me achieve my goals.  In only 9 months, I was able to conquer the first step in achieving my goals. I am continuing to adjust my goals as I progress.  I really feel that everyone here at the Weight Room Plus is committed to helping each member achieve their goals!
Loraine DiCuffa
Center Moriches, NY


I joined WRP on Feb 26, 2013. Since then I have lost over 100 lbs. At
first, coming to the gym was hard. It was awkward and difficult to get up
before the sun and go exercise with a bunch of strangers. Over time,
however, I became a part of the WRP community, and coming in every morning
is now one of the best parts of my day. It no longer feels like a chore to
go workout. When I come in, I'm always greeted by a smiling face. And any
questions or concerns I might have had have always been quickly handled by
a staff member. It is great to be a part of the WRP team and I look forward
to many more years of making my health and fitness a priority. Member of the month September 2015.

Billy Nicosia
Shirley, NY