Welcome to The Weight Room Plus. To help you feel at home from the start of your membership, here are some commonly asked questions when joining:

Q: Do I need to bring a membership card when using the club?
A: Yes. When you sign up we will give you a member key fob. Once you are entered in our system, we will take a picture of your smiling face. Each time you visit the club you will be asked to sign the waiver and scan your key fob. If you forget your key fob, we can manually look you up by your last name and check you in. 

Q: Do I need a lock for a locker?
A: Yes. Please bring your own lock to secure your personal items. Lockers are available for daily use only.

Q: May I bring a guest?
A: Yes, members may bring guests to the Club for a nominal daily charge of $7 per day per person.  However, you may bring a guest who is a First time visitor, with photo ID, local resident and 18 years or older for FREE.  Since we are a private club, we ask you to escort your guest to the club. All Guests must be 18 years and older and must provide photo I.D.

Q: What do I get if I refer a friend who joins?
A: Since member referrals are our best source for new members, sponsoring members are rewarded with either a membership or $10 credit for each member they sponsor.

Q: How old does my child have to be to use the exercise equipment?
A: Children must be 12 and over to use any of the equipment in the fitness areas, including group wellness classes.  We do, however, run a Free Teen Summer Membership program starting at age 12.

Q: How do I get started on a fitness program? Will someone help me?
A: Because we realize results are your best indicator if we are the club for you, we give each new member a Gift Card with a value of over $200 worth of one on one Personal Training Services.  Soon after you join our Club we will schedule you for up to 3 Personal Training Appointments called WRP1, WRP2 and WRP3 (depending on your length of membership). Our certified trainers are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals and teach you how to use the equipment properly.

Jumpstart to Fitness sessions are scheduled and given by certified personal trainers in individual or small group sessions to teach you how to use our cardio and circuit strength training equipment. These are offered on an UNLIMITED BASIS…… so schedule these as often as you need.

WRP1, WRP2, and WRP3 are scheduled with a certified personal trainer. These are 30 minute sessions where the trainer will meet with you individually to discuss your personal needs, goals and medical issues and help design and lead you through a personalized workout accordingly.

Q: How do I sign up for group fitness classes?
A: Our Club offers over 40 group wellness classes per week. Almost all of our Group fitness classes do not require sign-up…just show up! Our Cycle based classes are the classes that require a sign up with our 20 bikes.  
Click here to view the current class schedule.

Q. How do I know what to expect in group fitness classes?
A:  All of our group fitness class attendees range from beginners to well experienced members. If new to a class, we recommend a new member talk to our experienced instructors about the class they our about to take!

Membership FAQS